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"Pilates Plus has literally changed my life. I never thought in a million years that I could actually enjoy exercising and now I am addicted to Pilates Plus!"

Clariresse, Pilates Plus Malibu
“As a former national record holder in swimming, a marathoner, paddle surfer and a yogini for over 35 years, I wasn’t expecting much from Pilates Plus Malibu. Boy, was I wrong.

For starters, Kristi, the owner, is the sweetest, most accommodating person ever! She, as well as the other instructors, are all terrific! And, the toning and changes in my body are absolutely miraculous. I am 57 years old and have never been in better shape than I am now after 4 months of doing Pilates Plus for 50 minutes 3-4 times a week. Everyone who knows me has commented on the change, I can fit into clothes I never would have thought I could wear, and I feel terrific! I highly recommend Pilates Plus Malibu!” Lauren

(Pilates Plus Malibu)

“To all the men out there, please read this.

I’ve been passionate about fitness my whole life … Cycling, swimming, running, gym memberships, and nothing compares to the efficiency and results of Pilates Plus. In just a one hour class, the results are drastic and immediate. Inner and outer core, shoulders, back, biceps, triceps, abs, and best of all oblique muscles! These trainers know the body thoroughly, and have guided me to a leaner, more toned, and shredded look that doesn’t go unnoticed. I feel like I’m 19 again.

Pilates Plus isn’t just for women, it’s for men too! I challenge you to take a class, you’ll be pleasantly surprised if not obsessed. Lastly, just a little FYI … between ladies taking the classes and the trainers, these are some of the most beautiful looking women! How’s that for motivation?” Scott

CBS Television Distribution, (Pilates Plus Malibu)

“I have been taking Pilates Plus class for 7 months and my body has never been more toned, lean and increased strength. Plus the added benefit of weight loss. I have worked out consistently for 29+ years and have never had the amazing results as the Pilates Plus program. Sheer transformation!” Alyssa

BeautyScience Design, Inc., (Pilates Plus Malibu)

“I have been going to Pilates Plus Encino since they opened and I have never been so happy with the way I look. They have amazing instructors that motivate you to work hard and I saw results after the first week! I am so happy I found Pilates Plus SFV! Thank you!” Sarah

(Pilates Plus Encino)

“Dear Pilates Plus…

You have changed my life and for that I will be forever grateful.

I have had a bad knee for the past twenty years after a crippling running accident. Part of my knee was replaced but it was always painful and did not allow me to regain my active lifestyle.

And then I found Pilates Plus and with your tutelage, your encouragement, your friendship, I got my life back which included not only my lean body muscle, but my self esteem, my belief in myself. And then last year, my old knee collapsed and required extensive knee replacement, knee revision surgery and here I am again starting over at Pilates Plus. My teacher Jessica is so knowledgeable and incredibly kind and caring and she and I are restoring me to good health. I cried after my first class back after ten months! It simply felt so good to move. Exercise is a life saver for a lot of us, especially us older women. It brings me such joy to stand tall, exercise my body, feel empowered by my journey.

Thank you all for changing my life. I am forever grateful for the grace you add to my life.” Judy

(Pilates Plus Encino)

“I have been coming to pilates for 4 years already and it has become a part of my daily routine. I keep getting great results and I keep seeing changes in my body. What I love the most is that even if class is full I always get the personal attention from the trainers that I need to make each workout my own workout! ” Galit

(Pilates Plus Encino)

“Years of standing on my feet in the OR and a serious car accident had left me with chronic back and neck pain.

I had been a runner for years and craved exercise, so when it was suggested that I try Pilates Plus I was up for the challenge.

In less than a year I had strengthened my core and toned my body. As a result, I have greatly reduced my neck and back pain…not to mention all the compliments. At 57, I am in the best shape of my life!Sue

The Levin Group, (Pilates Plus Malibu)

“I am new to Pilates and I was very nervous about starting classes. I am older than most people in the classes and had never used these machines before. After about one month attending classes with several instructors I am really enjoying the workouts. Every single instructor has helped me, even in a full class, to position myself properly and to learn the machine and positions. It is a wonderful program and the people there are extremely helpful.

I plan to continue and all the instructors are wonderful, each offering different routines and changing them weekly so boredom is never a factor. I still have much to learn but I am very energized thus far. I feel stronger already.Joan

(Pilates Plus Encino)

“I have been doing Pilates for the past 18 months and it’s honestly the best, healthiest and most efficient workout I have ever had. I’m 5′ 11″ and used to weigh 198 lbs, mostly bulky muscles. Since starting Pilates I lost 23 lbs. Not only am I much stronger, yet leaner and more defined, but but my lower back-pain is completely gone, as Pilates works your core and gives you a much better posture.

It gets better: I had to have shoulder surgery in late March due to an old injury. I re-started Pilates 3 weeks after and thanks to the conscious and careful guidance of my instructors, my surgeon had me stop physical therapy one month early and advised me to “keep on doing whatever it is you are doing.” So instead of schlepping myself to the gym for two hours 5 times a week, these days I do two or three 55 minutes sessions of Pilates, or go hiking. Spending only half the time of my original gym schedule, I am at 46 the fittest that I have ever been. Plus it’s more fun in good company with animating music. If you advanced, check out Jackie’s classes. But don’t worry: even beginners will find their pace and you’ll see results within weeks.”


(Pilates Plus Encino)


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