Move of the Month: Super Lunge

For this month’s Move of the Month, we chatted with one of our kick-ass instructors, Lacey Martin. Lacey has been teaching Lagree for nearly 8 years, and has been at our Studio City location for about 7 years.

Favorite move?
Super Lunge! My regulars know just how obsessed I am with this move – they literally groan and laugh when I tell them to get into it.

How to do it:
You should be on a minimum of 2 red, 2 yellow springs for safety. Start kneeling on the carriage with the black cables. Step one foot forward near the number 9 line and tuck your toes or your back foot under. A long stance is better on your knees. Take a few rows, then find your balance. If and when you are ready, raise your back knee off of the carriage and lunge up pressing through the front heel. Narrow row your arms in as you lengthen your legs and extend the arms as you bend your back knee to lower down. Be sure keep a straight spine with your shoulders directly over your hips and avoid adjusting while standing on the carriage. Repeat and enjoy!

Why I Love it:
If offers up a ridiculously high calorie burn, and let’s face it: you’ll look bad ass doing it!

Why it’s effective:
It’s a full body move that also adds an enormous amount of instability. Instability elevates the heart rate for a cardio effect and recruits more muscles like the inner thighs for balance.

What it works:
Everything! You’ll feel it mainly in your glutes and hamstrings of the front leg, the quads of the back leg, and your back muscles from the rowing. The waist and inner thighs and calves are all working too!

What do you think of Super Lunge? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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