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What is Lagree Fitness?

We’re a combination of weight training and Pilates set to high-energy music. You get the toning benefits of strength training PLUS the lengthening and postural enhancements of Pilates in a circuit training sequence.

To make it even better, our vigorous workouts keep your heart rate up the entire time so you are burning calories!! How many? Upwards of 300/hour! In addition, the workouts are easy on the joints due to our state of the art, unique equipment, the Proformer and Megaformer.

I've never done Pilates. Can I do the classes or do I need to take private lessons first?

If you are new to Pilates based classes, we do recommend a Private or an Intro class regardless of your fitness level. We want to ensure you get the terminology, sequencing, and correct form down so you can get the most from your classes. These classes are unlike any other!

How do I book a class?

Click SIGN UP. Then either:

  1. Click on the SIGNUP / WAIT LIST bubble next to the class time you desire or
  2. Click on the RETAIL tab in the upper right corner. Follow the prompts! It’s simple! You must make a purchase before you are able to book a class.
I put myself on the wait list. How does it work?

If a spot opens up more than 24 hours before class, you will automatically be added to that class and sent a confirmation email. BUT DO NOT DEPEND ON THAT EMAIL, as there are always spam problems, junk mail issues, and email server hiccups and crashes. Please log in and check your schedule to make sure you are enrolled!

This procedure protects you from being added to a class that you may no longer be able to attend, avoiding possible Late Cancel/No Show fees.

If you Reserve/Wait List yourself for more than one class in a day, or more than is ultimately allowed by your current package, you are responsible for the purchase of and any cancellation penalties for all classes that you reserve and get bumped into from the Wait Lists.

How do I make changes to my reservations?

Changes to your reservation can only be made if it is before the 12 hour cancellation policy. You cannot move out of a sold-out class into another class at a later time without incurring the $25 fee. To make changes, sign in to your account, click on the “My Info” tab, then click “My Schedule”, and choose whatever action you’d like. To remove yourself from a Wait List, click on “Wait List” near the upper right of the page.

Where is next month's class schedule?

Schedules are posted 30 days in advance.

What should I bring to class?
  • Bring a towel – you will sweat!
  • Bring a refillable water bottle! We have a fltered water system for your convenience and in effort to reduce excess waste of plastic bottles.
  • Wear comfortable workout attire! We have a dressing room and/or restroom available for your convenience.
  • You must wear grip socks with tread. No regular socks – or bare feet! We have grip socks available for purchase at all of our studios.
  • No cell phone use during classes, phones must be on silent and put away. Please be respectful of others.
  • No strong perfumes or scented lotions as some students are allergic.
  • If you are about to renew, please bring your payment. Most of our clientele pay online using our automated system. Please understand that no classes can be confirmed if you’re not prepaid.
Where do I park?

Encino Location : Valet parking available in the center’s garage and we validate for two hours!

Studio City : Street parking with meter, and limited spaces available in back of studio.

Malibu : Top floor – Please do not park in any spot designated for another business.

What if I can't come to class and its less than 12 hours away? Will I still be charged?

Yes, even if it’s your first time.

We absolutely require an 12-hour notice for making any kind of changes to your schedule. The same rules apply to all purchases, including Class Packages, Monthly Packages, Privates and Specials.

If you are on a monthly package and you late cancel or no show for a class you are signed up for there will be a $25 charge to your credit card. If you are on per-class package, you will lose your class. If you are on a auto-pay or month to month for 8 or 12 class packages you will lose one class and get charged a $25 fee. Please cancel ONLINE and not by calling.

I still have questions! How can I contact you?

The best way to reach us is via email. Click here to contact us!


Please be aware we have a 12 hour cancellation policy. If you are on a monthly package and you late cancel or no show for a class you are signed up for there will be a $25 charge to your credit card. If you are on sessions, you will lose your class. Please cancel ONLINE and not by calling.


Check out our answers to Frequently Asked Questions. Or feel free to contact us directly.

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