Our October Trainer Spotlight is all about Stacy McNeal

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StacyMcNeal-2-e1445211340674Stacy McNeal is passionate about the results people can achieve through the high intensity method of “Lagree Fitness” at Pilates Plus. She was born and raised in Texas and is the mother of two young children. She may not get enough sleep or follow a perfect diet (hello barbecue), but she is more fit than she ever has been before. She attributes that to challenging, high intensity strength training sessions focused on form and safety. She is a true believer in time-saving workouts that deliver great results, and as a passionate advocate for this style of workout, she wants to help her clients reach their goals.

Stacy began her training in classical Pilates and was later introduced to Lagree Fitness. A proud graduate of The University of Texas at Austin, Stacy is a certified Pilates instructor, with continued training through the Lagree Method. She is also a certified Spinning and TRX instructor. Stacy has worked with clients in small group and private training sessions, and has trained people ranging from competitive athletes, postpartum mothers, performers returning on tour, and novice weekend warriors.

When she isn’t at the studio: “I’m a busy mom of two preschoolers and a wife to a hard working husband. Along with my amazing clients and the healthy energy of Southern California, my family is what motivates me to stay in shape. My biceps are a result of lifting 24 pounds on one side and 38 on the other. To calm my mind from the joys of parenting these loud tornadoes, I love intense sunrise yoga sessions, solitude in hiking with a good playlist loud enough to damage my eardrums, mud races with crazy friends (contact me to join our Spartan team Dec 6th!), and my newest obsession is whale watching in this beautiful town of Malibu. I’ll always make time to sweat with friends, so contact me on Instagram @stacymcneal!


Mega_P2P_Stacy_McNeal-e1445212548365Why Stacy Loves this Move

I remember my very first Mega Plank to Pike. I looked at the instructor like she was crazy, then followed her orders because everyone else was doing it – peer pressure at Pilates Plus. Once I got into it, I felt like a beast dominating that machine. It’s challenging moves like these that inspire me to find my edge, plus who doesn’t like a good inversion! This move works the abdominals, triceps, shoulders, lats and if you engage properly, you’ll be working the glutes and legs for total control.

To step it up tenfold, try a few single arm Mega Plank to Pikes. You’ll need to have wide legs, feet far apart under the S-strap for a tripod effect. Next, place your base hand more towards center under your chest on the floor behind the back platform. Stabilize through the supporting shoulder, reach the free hand out to the side as you extend out into your plank position and then wrap the free hand under your waist as you pike up into your inversion. This Single Arm Mega Plank to Pike is extremely challenging and will spike your heart rate all while keeping a slow controlled pace.




Take an empty glass of wine, open a bottle, fill it up. Tastes better with friends. Enjoy!

WAIT! Really?!!

We had to prod a bit to find out that Stacy isn’t comfortable giving nutritional advice. She assured us, however, that she does eat healthy, and has some tricks up her sleeve for staying healthy, even in the most challenging moments. Like when it comes to Halloween.



If you traditionally hand out candy on Halloween, (we know this isn’t everyone), the best advice Stacy has is to stock your home with candy that you do NOT prefer. “If you must have candy in the house, make it the stuff that holds no power over you! Love chocolate? STEP AWAY FROM THE CHOCOLATE at the store! Hand out jelly beans! Whatever the case, set yourself up for success,” she adds.

We agree! Thanks Stacy!

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