We are very lucky in the Western world to have so many types of exercises available to us. Not only that, but we like to truly enjoy our workout (we should, right?), with really fast RESULTS. So, with the advent of new workout brands promising “fast, real results” or to “take the world of fitness by storm” and maintaining that fitness should be a “joyful experience” (we agree!), we thought you’d like to see some recent research by Sebastien Lagree and his team at Lagree Fitness about the difference the biological effect on the body between the Megaformer and the stationary bike. The results don’t lie!

To summarize:

  • Both workouts are low impact, but the megaformer achieves comparable or higher heart rate.
  • Pedaling on a stationary bike is highly repetitive and extremely limiting (the muscles targeted as well as the exercises that can be done).
  • The Megaformer has hundreds of exercises and targets more muscles from many unique angles.
  • The Megaformer offers multiple modifications to exercises, for the injured or fitness challenged.
  • The stationary bike is limited and offers little to no accommodation for injuries.
  • The Megaformer offers exercises in all planes of motion, while the stationary bike is limited to a single plane of motion for the entire duration of the workout.
  • The Megaformer offers a total body workout, while the bike works the lower body with little to no effect on the upper body.
  • The Megaformer stimulates core, balance and flexibility, while the bike does not.
  • Watch the 2 minute video and see for yourself all of the reasons that the Lagree Method is our FAVORITE workout of all time!


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