When it comes to working out, oftentimes, the hardest part is a pre-and-post class beauty routine. That said, we’re not into looking all dolled up for class, which is why we tend to keep things simple. And because we want to share the tips and tricks we’ve learned along the way with all of you, we’ve rounded up the pre-and post-Lagree beauty essentials we can’t live without.


Read on and get your gym bag packed.



There’s nothing better than wiping your face after working up a sweat. And when it comes to face wipes, there’s we can’t get enough of these. Full of non-irritating natural ingredients, they not only soften, smooth, and balance the skin, but they remove dirt, sweat, and grime, too. Oh and did we mention they’re paraben free?



Looking to give your post-Lagree locks some life? Klorane’s Dry Shampoo is a tried-and-true favorite. It gives hair extra volume, life, and necessary style when all you’re feeling is sweaty and icky. To put it simply, it soaks up grease and sweat and leaves hair looking lovely and healthy. Spray it on, tousle those locks, and go. No blowdryer needed.



Looking to refresh sweaty skin? Look no further than these ah-mazing blotting sheets. Designed to soak up sweat and grime, they’re perfect for using after you step off that Megaformer. Dab a little here and a little there and skin will be left feeling smooth, healthy, and shine-free.



Lightweight and oil-free, CliniqueFIT’s Post-Workout Pore Mattifying Moisturizer instantly hydrates thirsty skin, all while banishing shine and controlling oil. We love how refreshing it feels, too.



While it’s a little on the pricey side, Donna Karan’s Cashmere Mist Deodorant is the only Deodorant that’s kept us smelling yummy all day long. Dab a little on pre-workout and you’ll smell delicious through your workout and way way beyond. It’s so gentle, too!



A moisturizing (and yummy smelling!) lotion is a must-have post-Lagree. And when it comes to the best lotion in the game, we can’t get enough of Kiehl’s Crème de Corps Lotion. Rich and non-greasy, it hydrates your bod to perfection. Slather it on post-workout and you’ll be set.



Designed to be sleek and smooth, Scunci’s No Damage Hair Ties have no metal parts. The result? No snags and tears on those precious locks of yours. We love ‘em in basic black to keep things simple.


Do you have any pre and post gym essentials? We’d love to hear what we’re missing!



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