While every Lagree move is geared to tone, there are some special ones that we love to incorporate in just about every class. And this month, we’re focusing on one move, The Giant Twisted Wheelbarrow, which strengthens, lengthens, and tones your waist. Lucky for us, Megan Lera, one of our kickass instructors, broke down the move below.


Ready? Let’s do this.


First, get on the back platform with your knees facing one direction, keeping your heels in line with your kneecaps.


Then, place your hands on the carriage in the center pockets, keeping your shoulders facing forward.


Next, send the carriage out, with your hips forward, stacking one knee on top of the other. The goal here is to keep your shoulders facing one direction, and your torso facing the other.


Finally, send the carriage out and in, only moving your arms back and forth. Here, you want to keep the twist in your body so you are strengthening, lengthening, and toning your waist.


*This is an oblique exercise, so be sure to do it on both sides for 60-90 seconds each.


Thanks, Megan, for breaking down the Move of the Month for us!

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