May is all about Mikael Padilla. Mikael grew up playing sports all of his life and is constantly looking for the next workout to improve his healthy lifestyle.


After meeting Sebastian Lagree and taking his first Pilates Plus class, Mikael’s life was forever changed. He realized how effective Lagree Fitness was and wanted to help others find that same realization.


Mikael believes that all that we are is a result of what we have thought. His favorite Lagree exercise is the Giant Spoon. So if you ever sign up for one of his classes, get ready to work your core!


Some songs you that might come across on his class playlists include anything 2Chainz or Lil Wayne…because what else gets you in the workout mood?!


Mikael keeps a pretty strict Keto diet, which consists of no carbs, no sugars, and high fats.


Looking to improve your healthy lifestyle? Sign up for one of Mikael’s classes! He can be found at the Malibu, Encino, and Studio City studios. Book your spot today!

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