We were so excited to be featured on E! Entertainment recently chatting about the reasons why Lagree Fitness really is one of the best workouts in the game (if you haven’t already heard, we’ve been getting a ton of publicity as of late because Meghan Markle is a huge fan of the Lagree method).


Sebastien Lagree stopped by our Studio City location to chat about the Megaformer machine and what makes it work, explaining, “[The Megaformer] was designed to provide a high-intensity but low-impact workout. It was designed for the Lagree Fitness Method to strengthen, tighten, and tone the body quickly and safely. The Megaformer consists of two fixed platforms, one moving platform called the Carriage, handles, and cables.”


And while we don’t know 100% if Markle is getting her Lagree on overseas, we can’t stress how amazing this workout is not only for every day, but especially if you’re trying to get into quick shape before an upcoming wedding or event. The results are SO incredibly fast…and as most of you already know, they speak for themselves.


Check out our segment in the video below!

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