With the holiday weekend around the corner, we know a lot of you might be traveling, which means you will be away from your normal workout routine. Don’t throw away all of your hard work over one long weekend! Here are some of our favorite healthy travel tips to help keep you on track.


  1. Hydrate! Hydrate! Hydrate! – And we don’t mean with margaritas and beer. Make sure you drink enough water and flush out your system. We also know a lot of you might be flying, so to avoid dehydration, drink up!
  2. Pack Healthy Snacks – With traveling comes airport or gas station food. None of which are healthy. Pre packing some healthy snacks will help keep you from binge eating those not so healthy options. Some of our favorite snacks to pack are: dried fruit, bananas, nuts, protein bars, protein powder or granola.
  3. Cheers to Adult Beverages – It’s a holiday, you’ve worked for it, we expect you to indulge in some adult beverages. Try to stay away from juice mixers. Most juices contain a lot of sugar and artificial flavors. Stick to water, tonic, or club soda as a mixer. Vodka tonic with a lime is always my go to drink. If you don’t enjoy hard liquor, red wine is your friend.
  4. Exercise – Just because it’s a holiday weekend doesn’t mean you should ignore all of that hard work. Get to moving, even if it is just for 30 minutes. Go on a walk, a hike, hit the gym, or perform a bodyweight workout at home. That way when you return to the studio, it won’t be as hard to get back into your routine.
  5. Relax & Vitamin D – Remember, you are on vacation! Take some time for yourself. Unplug from the world and soak in the sun from wherever you are. Sometimes you just need some YOU time to recharge.

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