Pilates Plus Los Angeles has some of the finest professional trainers in LA, all of whom are experts at delivering the Lagree Fitness workout. Each trainer has their own distinct style, so we suggest that you take sessions with several of them to find the best fit for you.

Debi Monhan

Debi is one of the original Lagree Fitness certified trainers personally selecteddebi-monahan by Sebastien Lagree to carry on his work. It is her drive, professionalism, work ethic and compassion that make her the person she is today. Her extraordinary knowledge of the body and how it moves combined with her energy; enthusiasm and creativity are what make her classes unique. Debi focuses special attention to technique and detail and creates a most challenging class that results in achieving the ultimate in muscle definition, strength and flexibility yielding extremely impressive results. Debi is the leading voice in this revolutionary fitness industry with years of combined and textured experience successfully teaching with her fingers and “long legs” on the pulse of the Pilates industry and plenty of real-life experience she shares with her apprentices. Teachers, clients, studio owner’s, people of all ages and walks of life, come from all over the country to study with her. Simply put, it makes sense to learn from the best of the best as her students will profess, “She is explosive, powerful and strong and that’s what I feel when I leave the studio”.

Becky Diaz

Becky was born and raised in rural western Pennsylvania. Starting at a young age, she embraced sports, skiing, gymnastics and justBecky-diaz about any physical activity available. Since moving to the west coast in 2001 Becky has made fitness a priority as well as a career. After the birth of her daughter, Becky started taking pilates classes at a local gym. After seeing her own results, she decided to make helping others experience the same results a priority. Becky then received her certification from Pilates Plus. Becky is very excited to integrate her fitness background, classic pilates and Systeme Dynamique SPX training into her teaching here at Pilates Plus! Click here to sign up for Becky’s class.


Claudine fell in love with Pilates the moment the doors opened at Pilates Plus. Claudine saw changes in her body she never thought were possible and was immediately hooked.  She loved the way Pilates made her feel both physically and emotionally and wanted to give that feeling to others.

Claudine brings so much enjoyment and passion to every class. Form is very important to her so she watches you carefully and even her smallest corrections will make a big difference in results. She truly wants you to get the most out of every workout so you feel as wonderful as she did.claudine-asmari

Claudine’s classes are a combination of SPX and classical Pilates. She will get you strong and lean while increasing your heart rate so you burn maximum calories every time. Her simple motto of having fun and proper form makes for a perfect workout.

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Jackie Goodman

Jackie has always had an interest in fitness and has always made exercise a priority.  Whether she was hiking, running, boxing or swimming she always found time to get her workouts in. Almost 5 years ago she met Kristi Vacanti at Pilates Plus in Encino and was hooked.  She saw changes in her body that she couldn’t get from her other workouts. Pilates Plus quickly became a staple in her life.jackie-goodman

Jackie started managing Kristi’s studio and after subbing for a trainer one day, decided to get her Pilates certification.  Since teaching for Pilates Plus Jackie has also obtained her personal training and TRX certifications.

Jackie brings her love of fitness to every class and believes in giving a full body workout every time.  Her high energy and passion makes even the toughest workouts seem fun.  Proper form is very important to Jackie and she keeps a close eye on you whether your a beginner or a longtime client.  Jackie teaches Pilates as well as Treadmill/Pilates and TRX/Pilates classes at PPLA and believes the combination of these classes are all you need to get the body you always wanted.

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Lacey Martin

Lacey grew up in a small town in Northern Maine where even Classical Pilates classes are very hard to come by. Before moving to Los Angeles, she had never heard of Pilates Plus. Instead, she forced herself to run for weight loss even though it aggravalacey-martinted old injuries. It only took one Pilates Plus class before she was completely hooked. After just a few weeks Lacey noticed her body getting stronger and leaner without pain and with minimal time commitment. Lacey has been instructing for over two years and Pilates Plus is still her favorite workout! The chronic lower back pain she suffered from for so many years is almost non-existent now thanks to the core strengthening attributes of Pilates. She feels stronger than ever.

In Lacey’s class you can expect high energy and upbeat music. Even at 6:30 in the morning! Lacey prides herself on giving a really tough workout while being a super supportive trainer that pays close attention to form and is always ready and willing to modify for you when it’s needed. She specializes in getting you your cardio while you strength train and can get you sweating in UNDER 40 minutes!

Since becoming certified in Pilates Plus/SPX Fitness, Lacey has also obtained her National Academy of Sports Medicine Personal Training Certification, Pilates Mat and Real Ryder Cycling certifications.

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Brad Siskind

Brad Siskind has been a certified personal trainer since 1997 through AFAA. He is certified in the Functional Movement Screen (FMS).  Brad is also a certified Pilates Instructor as well as a TRX Certified Trainer. He has trained in Muay Thai kickboxing fobradr 3 years and has been a Krav Maga student for 5 years. Krav Maga is a self defense system taught by the Israeli Army for street combat situations. Brad has also trained in handgun defense as well as stick, knife and rifle defense as part of the system. This system can be adapted to men, women and children.

A celebrity trainer for years, Brad has also taught working moms and dads as well as their kids how to stay fit while living life through carpools, playdates and busy weekend warriors.

In addition to his various boot camps and kids classes, Brad has also been the Special Olympics Powerlifting Coach for the last 7 years and helped them achieve numerous medals in state competitions.

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Kristi Vacanti

Kristi Vacanti left the Midwestern city of Omaha, Nebraska several years ago for the outdoor, sun-loving atmosphere of Los Angeles and immediately immersed herself into a world of mental, physical and spiritual growth.

While working with Brentwood Associates, one of the premier private equity firms who own and operate Spectrum Heal


th Clubs and Exhale Spa, she became aware of the growing trend toward health clubs, fitness centers and spas as lucrative business opportunities. She combined her love of fitness and movement with a career as a personal trainer, but soon realized she had a desire to reconnect with a less stressful, more meaningful lifestyle and her passion for Pilates was ignited.

She began taking classes at Sebastien’s Pilates Plus, West Hollywood location. She soon realized that the connection between mind, body and spirit was effortlessly enhanced with Sebastien’s core strengthening workout. Kristi was so inspired by the changes she experienced in her life that she chose to become certified in teaching Sebastien’s LAGREE FITNESS™. And now with certification in tow, Kristi has decided that her next step is to open an affiliate that would offer others the benefits of this life-altering workout. Kristi is also STOTT Pilates trained and Corepower Yoga certified.

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Morgan Crosson

Morgan is a certified Integrative Health Coach, personal trainer and group fitness instructor. After trying Lagree Method onc

Morgan Crosson

e in her hometown of Nashville, she was hooked and knew this method needed to be added to her repertoire. The Lagree Method has made a significant impact on her personal fitness and she is excited to be able to share it with others. She was trained in and taught at Studio Novo, in Nashville for 12 months before relocating to Los Angeles.

She believes in the truth that each of us has the capability to sharpen and the capacity to be sharpened by one another. Every person has a heart’s desire to live in optimal health.

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Paola Deocampo

Paola was born in South Carolina and lived in Hawaii and the Philippines, all before moving to Los Angeles at the age of 5.  Growing up, Paola was always engaged in one fitness-related activity or another, but as an adult, she found herself living a less a

ctive lifestyle.  After 10 years in a sedentary job, she decided to transition into a new career in fitness and hasn’t looked back.

As a Lagree Fitness Instructor, NCSF Personal Trainer and Sport Nutritionist, and national level Bikini Physique Competitor, she is fulfilling her passion for healthy living and sharing with others how to do the same.  Paola became addicted to Lagree Fitness classes after noticing a complete transformation in her body, especially in her core, after only a few weeks.  Little did she know that teaching the class would be even more addicting!  Paola uses her knowledge of exercise science in every single routine, combining a sequence of movements along with upbeat music, from mainstream tunes to old school jams!  You can expect an encouraging and high intensity workout every time!

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Bridgette Selby

Bridgette is not your typical fitness trainer. She was raised in a true Midwestern

style of deep fried everything and little emphasis put on fitness. After moving to California she realized her “skinny fat” way of life was not going to suffice. Luckily a friend introduced her to Lagree fitness and everything changed. Combining so many aspects of fitness into one high energy class, she was hooked and soon planning her social schedule around her SPX schedule. Bridgette knows the challenges of not being born an athlete, and if she can do it, so can you!

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Lisa Goldsman

Deanna Silver

Jenny Brian

Jess McTighe


Beth is a Lagree Certified Pilates trainer.  Originally born in Rome, Italy, and  moved to Los Angeles, California at 9 months of age. Her Beth Brombergbackground growing up playing tennis and being an avid runner, conquering many marathons led her body manifest various injuries.  This led her seek the wonderful benefits from Pilates. Her love and passion integrating Mind, Body and Soul as a lifestyle, comes across in all her classes to each and every individual. Teaching and helping clients are her passion, while making each and every workout challenging, energetic and fun. Beth will take you to the next level.

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Angela Lopez

Trainer info coming soonAngela Lopez

Lisa Jey Davis

lisa-jey-davisLisa Jey Davis is a Lagree Method certified fitness trainer, and a classical Pilates and yoga instructor. Her heart pumping PPLA classes will give you a fat and booty-burning, muscle-toning & lengthening workout that keeps you coming back for more! Lisa Jey is also an author and an award-winning writer. In addition, she writes for the Huffington Post and is a fitness & health contributor for You can follow her on Twitter (@bodybylisajey) and on Instagram (@lisajeydavis).

Stacy McNeal

stacy-mcneal-trainerStacy is passionate about the results that people can achieve through the high intensity method of exercise at Pilates Plus. She was born and raised in Texas and is the mother of two young children. She may not get enough sleep or follow a perfect diet (hello barbecue), but she is more fit than she ever has been before. She attributes that to challenging, high intensity strength training sessions focused on form and safety. She is a true believer in time-saving workouts that deliver great results, and as a passionate advocate for this style of workout, she wants to help you reach your goals. Stacy began her Pilates training in the classical method and was later introduced to the higher intensity method of Pilates Plus. A proud graduate of The University of Texas at Austin, Stacy is a certified Pilates instructor with continued training through the Lagree Method, and is a certified Spinning instructor. Stacy has worked with clients in small group and private training sessions, and has trained people ranging from competitive athletes, postpartum mothers, performers returning on tour, and novice weekend warriors.

Brittany Matyus

brittanyBrittany fell in love with Pilates the first time she stepped onto the reformer. She was amazed at how efficient a full body workout could be in just 55 minutes. Her addiction to Pilates is an understatement – she became obsessed with the lean, mean, fat burning machine.

Brittany fractured her left hip the Summer of 2012 in the Malibu ocean, landing her in the emergency room and on crutches for five months. She slowly got back into Pilates in the physical therapy room. After being on bed rest and no weight bearing activity for five months, she returned to the Pilates studio full throttle, exuding positive energy and smiles, paying particularly close attention to and perfecting her form, making safety her priority. Her commitment to Pilates paid off, completely recovering and transforming her body. Experiencing this transformation first hand made her desire to share her experience with others.

Brittany graduated Magna Cum Laude from California State University Northridge with her Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology, Criminology and Criminal Justice. She has been certified through several Pilates studios as well as completed the high intensity training of the Lagree Method Certification. Since becoming a certified Pilates trainer she has also obtained her National Academy of Sports and Medicine Certification in Personal Training.

Brittany’s classes are upbeat, fun, challenging and make you want to dance! Expect high energy, smiles and positive vibes from her and her classes, burning 450-650 calories a class. Her goal is to make you, “make it rain!” Client’s have nicknamed her, “The Rainmaker.” Hard work and dedication will definitely pay off in her classes!

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